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    Go Get "Scouter2" for Real Time Scanning(like Dragonball-Z)

    iTunes : App Store - Scouter2 : Attack Power Meter

    #1 Scouter Device in the world! Get Real Scouter!
    NOW the Scouter Returns in 2012 : Scouter2!!!

    With Scouter2, you just take photo to scan Attack Power! Your iPhone(iPod) becomes real scouter device that detects Enemys Power Energy.
    If you are DB fans, you already know how to use it!
    This device works real time based, just like DB characters use Scouter! Don't worry It never breakdown.

    Own Real Scouter! Now you know your enemy's Attack Power!

    ★★★ Scouter1 Reviews ★★★
    Werty#1 : Without a doubt the best scouter app on the app store
    DBZ luver krillin Goku rock : I love this app but I am the super fan of anything and everything DBZ related so I think it rocks. It works better than it says it does and this one is better than the others that show up. I bought all of them this works best. I hope you like the app as much as I do!

    ★★★ FEATURES ★★★
    - Detects faces to scan Attack Power
    - Uses Photo Library or Takes Photo
    - Real-Time Scanning (Real Scouter!)
    - Check your Race with Costume
    - Manage your Force Team with Costume (Super Funny!)
    - Share via Twitter, Facebook, Email

    ★★★ Disclaimer ★★★
    - This app is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Bird Studio / Shueisha
    - Scouter2 is a funny application. Dont be serious.
    - Scouter2 works best with front face photos

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    iTunes : App Store - Scouter2 : Attack Power Meter
    04-17-2012 04:17 AM

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