1. Craig's Avatar
    Hello, we have a small Web and Software company here in Oregon and have a few projects going. However a couple things are popping up where we will need someone who can program / create iPhone and iPad apps.

    We have one iPad app idea too that is NOT out there now and would support a major iPhone app, one of the best sellers, we feel it is an amazing winning app that would be a Million + seller at $0.99 for iPhone and/or $1.99 for iPad or universal app for whatever price instead.

    We can figure it out on our own with a learning curve, but feel it would be better to move faster than to fiddle with out on our own.

    My website and such is in my signature and you can contact me direct at craig@websitewellness.com

    We can go over details once a NDA is signed.


    ps.. sorry as this is not a New App Announcement, but may be the best place to find someone who knows how to create apps. Hopefully we can announce our new app here.
    04-16-2012 10:13 AM