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    Hey guys,

    Just released my own app - I'd love some reviews and feedback.

    App Store - PayCheck ~ Wage Calculator

    It's an app for part time/shift workers that gep paid on an hourly basis. The app allows users to clock in/out directly to their mobile device and then calculate their expected pay based on any date range.
    I'm a part time worker myself and came up witt the idea because I found that mself and my work collegues were always trying to remember what hours we did in work and were always forgetting our hours, so we never knew what we were going to be getting paid. I had a look for apps that would record my working times, but i noticed there was none that did (in euro - I'm from Ireland - available apps were all in dollar or pound). I then decided to make a very simple and basic app that suits my needs, and it turned out that all my work pals loved it also, so i thought maybe it help a much wider audience also.

    Anyway, enough rambling from me, i'd really appreciate some feedback on the app. I have some updates already in mind, but some critique on the first version would be splendid!

    Thanks folks!
    04-14-2012 09:09 AM