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    Silent Ringtone

    From now on you can ignore unwanted calls, text messages with the Silent Ringtone.

    No more annoying sound from unwanted caller.

    No need to mute the whole phone just to ignore only one person.

    You can just use silent sound from this app to silence unwanted number.

    Choose silent sound > sync to your device > assign to unwanted number.

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    ✓ Convert any iTunes music or MP3 sound file into your own ringtone.

    ✓ Create Unlimited Tones.

    ✓ Real Wave Form easy for you to estimate time.

    ✓ Indication where song is playing.

    ✓ Highest quality sound processor.

    ✓ Accurate 0.25 sec. for iPhone, iPad 0.12 sec.

    ✓ Don't want to sync? just export via email and send it to yourself or friends.

    ✓ Your Tone section, you can see and manage your tone in the app library

    What's in full version

    ✓ 40 seconds Length for Ringtone.
    ✓ Record your own Voice.
    ✓ In iOS 5 you can create Text tone, Email tone, Alert tone, Tweet tone, Calendar tone, and Reminder tone.

    Notice: The app itself does not block calls and that further action is required on the user's part in order to achieve silenced calls from unwanted numbers.
    04-12-2012 10:51 PM