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    Skeleton Key Password Manager with Dropbox is a password manager that syncs your data securely and seamlessly to Dropbox.
    I created it because i wanted to use the two main competitors in the field, but was put off by the high price of 1Password and the monthly fees of LastPass.
    I think my app is simpler than theirs, just as powerful, and more reasonably priced (free for now, soon to be $1 after the launch fortnight).

    PR Blurb:

    Are you one of those people who canít keep track of all their zillions of passwords? Are you sick of having to waste time on the I-forgot-my-password dance whenever you visit a website you canít remember your login for? Well, I made this app for people like you, to keep track of all your passwords, and hopefully make your life just a little bit easier.

    Skeleton Key helps you keep track of your passwords. All your data is securely encrypted and optionally synced to Dropbox so that you can stay in sync between multiple iDevices. It is reasonably priced - a small cost for the full version with no monthly fees, as opposed to LastPass (monthly fees) and 1Password (high upfront cost). Tested by professional software testers, it is reliable for you to use with confidence.

    Your data is secured via a single master password (and optional access PIN for convenience), so that you only ever need to remember one password again. You can organise your items into customizable colour-coded groups to keep things organised just the way you like.

    (Warning: technical paragraph alert!) Your data is securely encrypted using industry-standard technologies: your master password is transformed by PBKDF2 to create an AES256 key, which is used to encrypt all your data. Your password/PIN are also hashed with Bcrypt for verification purposes.

    More details below:

    Name: Skeleton Key Password Manager with Dropbox
    App webpage and screenshots: Skeleton Key Password Manager with Dropbox - Splinter Software
    Itunes link: Skeleton Key Password Manager with Dropbox for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    Videos: Skeleton Key Password Manager with Dropbox on Vimeo Skeleton Key Password Manager with Dropbox advanced features on Vimeo
    Type: Utility app (not a game)
    Price: Free, changing to paid ($1) after the launch fortnight
    Promo code: not necessary, as the app is free

    Thanks guys
    04-12-2012 09:00 PM

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