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    Nice App!

    ★ With InvisibleCam you can take secret photos and videos, no matter where you are! ★

    The display is blank and your iPhone is just waiting to be touched to take a picture.

    Isn`t it nice to just quickly take a photo without someone will notice?
    Just take a video and let your "victim" in ignorance?

    ★ All that you can do with InvisibleCam for iPhone4/4s ★

    Features == ==

    - Ensure Integrated Touch Gestures for easy operation
    - Rapid uptake of the photos
    - Video recording made ​​easy
    - Switching between the main camera and front camera
    - Notification in the lower left of the screen when a recording has been made.

    == How does InvisibleCam work? ==

    Photo Mode: Touch the black screen to take a photo

    Video mode: Drag down with your finger to start the video recording. To stop recording drag up

    Change camera → drag right

    Return to main menu → drag left

    == Support ==

    If you have problems with the app or any ideas you can write a e-mail to support@known4apps.com. We will work as quickly as possible to your request.

    == NOTE ==


    == Disclaimer ==

    This app is meant to be used for entertainment and not for illegal things
    InvisibleCam is only compatible with the iPhone4/4s. Other devices are not supported.


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    04-12-2012 03:48 PM

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