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    Good Day!

    I'm very pleased to announce the release of our first game, Quantum Block Blast, for iPhone/iPad/iPod (2nd gen+). I got an email yesterday from a lady who bought the game on a referral from a friend of a friend, she told me she QBB the first game she'd ever played and she was addicted to it. During the beta test one of our players played this game until her phone ran out of power. Of course, as the developer, I believe in this game, but as these little stories are brought to my attention it tells me that somehow we've managed to create something special here and I hope you'll give it a try!

    And not the obligatory description and screenshots!


    Blast all the blocks with your particle shot in this physics based arcade/puzzle game. Enjoy watching your shot bounce wildly through the stage earning you a higher score. Earn energy by blasting blocks to power your special shots. Multiple ways to earn a higher score will keep you coming back for more. All while avoiding the deadly robot probes.

    Similar games have you try to control a paddle with poor controls to keep your shot on screen. Quantum Block Blast focuses on the fun aspect, firing your shot the way you think is best and watching it bounce around the screen to the target!

    Want a visually fun and exciting game that still challenges you?
    Want a game that will draw you in to pursue that higher score? One of our testers had so much fun she played the game until her phone ran out of power!

    Quantum Block Blast is the game for you!

    - Physics-based engine for realistic bounce effects
    - Particle based special effects
    - 30 challenging levels with 6 additional free levels in development right now
    - All skill levels: Relax mode for those who just want to enjoy some downtime. Extreme mode for the expert gamers. And everything in between.
    - Replayabilty: 6 difficulty levels. Earn a higher score. Get those extra bonus points. Can you get 4-star rating on every level?
    - Option to skip stages, no more getting stuck!
    - Four types of shot adds depth to gameplay without adding complexity
    - Ghost and unstable blocks up the challenge and fun
    - Options to turn off the music and sounds if needed

    04-12-2012 06:30 AM

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