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    Free until 4.17! Two FREE "Angry King Kong" and "Jack Magic" games for iOS By RenRen Games

    RenRen Games has just released a FREE version of "Angry King Kong" and "Jack Magic" on Apr,6th, two hot and interesting games on IOS as universal apps!

    Angry King Kong is a TD game featured in the popular adventure movie "King Kong". It attracted thousands of fans worldwide after 1 month after releasing. In game, player controls the ape to attack incoming solders with his snot and other weapons. Game control is simple but enemy is hard to destroy!

    new version of "Angry King Kong" added social function, by connecting Facebook and Twitter, players can share their achievements on FB, Twitter and share their feeds with friends!

    Bugs are fixed in this new version and more contents are added. New sound tracks, new world's images. New version includes tropical beach and other funny themes with matched tunes.

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    Jack Magic is a pipe-like game, by connecting plates to form a clear path from start point to end point; players solve puzzles and gain candies. There are 30 challenging levels with bombs and color requirements. Adventure and endless modes offer players different exciting experiences! To test your IQ, just try Jack Magic!

    Game control:
    1. choose a stone plate
    2. swipe your finger up/down on stone bar left to rotate the plate
    3. Connect all plates to form a clear path from start plate to end plate. That's all! simple but challenging!
    1. unlike a pipe-like game, Jack Magic is much more challenging. Path's color should match with different end plate's color; also, bomb plates should be avoided.
    2. Two modes: adventure (if you're a new player, try to get familiar first!) and survival (if you want to see how fast you can figure out puzzles, try time-limited mode)

    game trailer: [/YOUTUBEHD]
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    Now you can have both in ZERO dollars! Free for downloading!
    Angry King Kong App Store-Angry King Kong
    Jack Magic App Store - Jack Magic

    About RenRen game
    RenRen Games is dedicated to bringing you best iPhone games experience. We now have two apps in apple store: Angry King Kong and Jack Magic and more excellent games are coming soon. Your feedbacks and shares are all we want!

    For more info, please check:
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    04-12-2012 04:26 AM