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    Pocket Notes - Organize and Share Notes, Photos and Pictures
    Price: $1.99, App Store Link for Pocket Notes

    Text notes with photos & pictures. Organized in folders and secured with a password.
    Create a folder -> add a note -> attach a photo -> share via email.

    Found yourself in a situation where you need to bundle a photo with a text note? Pocket Notes offers you the ability to store notes with photos inside a choice of folders.

    Personal and sensitive information which needs to be by at your disposal every day? You will appreciate the password protection feature in Pocket Notes.

    Enjoying holidays? Why not just send a note with photos to your friends or family via e-mail? It's that simple with Pocket Notes!

    You will love it for an everyday usage!

    In summary, we proudly offer you:

    - Notes, photos and pictures, all organized in multiple folders.
    - Easy-to-use GUI with beautiful Retina graphics.
    - Password protection with a hint feature for secure access.
    - Create as many folders as you wish.
    - Each note can be easily moved between the folders of your choice.
    - User-labeled folders with a choice of 37 different icons.
    - Sharing of notes (incl. photos) via email.
    - Fullscreen viewer for notes' photos and pictures.
    - (*) Direct access to a camera functionality.
    - 15 colorful themes for a rich experience.
    - 5 distinguished paper backgrounds.
    - 8 fonts to match the message.

    (*) This feature is available only on iPhone, iPad (from 2nd generation) and iPod touch (from 4th generation) devices.

    Got an idea for an improvement?

    Maybe a color theme or a paper background or a font you would like to see added?

    Or just found a bug?

    Let us know on or here on the forum.

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    04-11-2012 03:59 AM
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    Version 1.2:
    - Added Czech translation
    - Improved graphics on a password screen

    Just a minor update, but we're working on iPad and iCloud support...

    Previous 1.1 version update changes:
    - Added possibility to move notes between folders - click on the note and use the action menu button
    - Added progress indication to taking / adding of photos to notes
    - Slightly changed app Icon
    - Fixed a problem with an empty title
    - Fixed an issue with internal naming of photo files - causing troubles with file sharing under iTunes (in some countries)
    - Other minor fixes
    04-11-2012 03:59 AM
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    Pocket Notes is now free for a limited time - Xmas gift from Mapeapps.
    12-20-2012 04:26 AM