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    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for having a spot to post our latest annoucement

    George Mobile is a new mobile VOIP application for the iPhone platform. Weve just submitted the app to the store for approval and are waiting to hear back. Itll be out very soon!
    Why George?
    • Free talk and text between George users
    • Message on Facebook, reply to DMs and mentions on Twitter
    • Unlock badges, earn G-Bucks
    • Donate G-Bucks to charities of your choice or unlock a month of paid service

    We will offer an unlimited calling and text plan, to connect with people who are not using George. But for the time being, wed love to see what people think of our new App and its features. If youre interested in getting updated on its launch date, check out our website:


    Check out George in action:

    Send me a message if you have any questions.

    I can't get the links to work, so hopefully it's alright like this.
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    04-10-2012 02:41 PM
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    Your app looks cool. Nice video. Not sure if you have a "coming soon" website up yet. You can use ooomf.com for that
    04-15-2012 01:02 AM