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    This is a multi-functional and very powerful spy photography tool, except the camouflage functions, there is a powerful feature, is in the picture is taken at the same time, it will immediately and automatically upload the photo into your public Facebook album to let your friends or audience to see the picture of the scene, or upload to your private Dropbox account folder.

    You can choose to use the timer shooting (at regular intervals automatically shoot one) or manual shooting (press and hold the screen) to take the picture. Of course, when shooting, you can also choose whether to hide the camera screen or not, to avoid other people find you are taking pictures.

    There are 2 camouflage screens for you to choose: dark screen and a painter screen. When you choose the dark screen, the screen of the iPhone will be totaly dark seems the mobile is power-off, if you choose the painter screen, the screen will be a freely painting white allows you to paint, but in fact the camera is shooting in background.

    In addition to as a spy camera, you can also use this APP as a home security protection tool. Before you leave home or start a travel, or you want to take care of baby, elders, you can place a mobile with this APP in the home as a tool for monitoring, so that you can browse from anywhere.

    1) Support two shooting method: timer shooting and manual shooting.
    2) Adjustable Timer shooting interval: 5 seconds to 24 hours.
    3) manual shooting: Press and hold the screen at any point to take picture.
    4) Support 2 camouflage screens, so that people do not know that you are taking pictures.(Double click on camouflage screen can back to the camera screen)
    5) You can set whether to automatically upload photos to your own Facebook or Dropbox account, or only saved to the phone album.
    6) You can set the thumbnail size of uploaded photos, or direct upload with original size.

    APP download link: App Store - Cam Hidden

    04-09-2012 10:27 PM
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    You got a promo code ?

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    You got a promo code ?
    That would be the way to promote it. We could all use it!
    04-09-2012 11:44 PM