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    If you need someone to repeat to you the speech you need to give for your english class over and over because it is so bored you can not memorize it. Or if you need to listen over and over the characteristics of a specific substance or chemical compound. In any case, this is the app you have been waiting for.

    RecordIt is a new app available in the application store that will allow you not only to record whatever you feel is important but also to store it, organize it, deleted it, or play it back at any time within a simple folder structure that you can also modify to meet your needs.
    With this app you can:
    - Add and delete folders at any time
    - Add and delete recordings at any time
    - Name the files and the recordings with verbose descriptions so you can easily locate them when you need them.
    - Organize the recordings given the recording date.
    - Replay your recordings at any time.

    These days the amount of information out there is annoying and we can not simply trust our memory, so this is a "must have" application: useful, simple, and reliable.

    Have fun!
    04-09-2012 08:42 PM