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    Want to keep track of the performance for your favorite players ?
    Want to compare any player in the history of basketball to your favorite players ?
    Want to know every detail of every player for every team and every coach ?

    Then, this is your answer, the App name is BasketMap and you may find it in the Apple Store.

    BasketMap will allow you to get all the information about your favorite players, teams, coaches, and awards right in the palm of your hand!
    Features include:
    - Easy access and quick search for any Player, Team, or Coach.
    - Detailed information for all players including stats and scores for the Regular Season, the Playoffs, and even the All Star games.
    - Up to date information for any Player, Team, or Coach.
    - Description of active awards and winning players ever since the award was institutionalized.
    - Ability to keep favorite players separated and organized.
    - Portrait and Landscape views for every screen.
    - Capacity to compare as many players as desired in the same screen and at the same time.
    - Amazing navigation features in order to easily link any player, team, coach, award, or highlight in almost any combination of screens.
    This application is a "must have" for every fan. It is packed with a multitude of details on every player, coach, or team and it is the easiest and most intuitive way for enjoying the season while counting on the most detailed and user friendly statistics for basketball available on the iPhone.
    04-09-2012 08:37 PM