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    iTunes Link:App Store - ROBB MEET

    Hope you can enjoy!!!!


    Happy Easter 2012!

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    This is 2012, now; we are living in the earth. However, have you think about the deadline of the world? How we are, how the earth, who is here?

    At the moment, follow my heart; let me tell you a story. In our game, there is a red robot that is named Rob-b. By chance he met the other life formsa tragic frog, a lucky and arrogant bird, an US-UK mixed blue short-haired cat, They are surprised to find that the place they stay, earth has already become a wonderful new planet.

    Do you want to know the end of our story? Come on, join us, to help them find the resource of life, to save the earth.

    ◆ 60 levels,Three modes,Challenge your nerves

    ◆ Domo, honor produced extremely cool eliminate the fugue

    ◆ Original character design and story plot full

    ◆ reproduce simulation scenarios reflect the temporal mystery

    ◆ new play excellent to enjoy audio and visual effects
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