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    I am one who detests the design of iTunes but over the years I've made peace with it because I prerfer iDevices over the competition. Never before did it fight me as it's started to last night.

    I'm trying to synch up some movies ripped from DVD's to the iPad 3. I've done this regularly because what I do is to store most of my bought DVD's ripped to the computer and then move them in and out of the iPads as I wish to see this or that one. This has always been a no brainer before. I just check the boxes of the movies I want to have on the iPad and then run a synch and iTunes removes the unchecked movies from the iPad and adds the checked ones.

    No more. iTunes removed the unchecked movies but didn't add the checked ones back so now, under Videos, I have no movies at all in the Videos app although iTunes shows that the iPad does have these movies. The capacity bar shows no movies either. For some reason, iTunes thinks that the checked movies are on the iPad but they're not.

    I tried unchecking the movies, synching and then re-checking and synching - no joy.

    This has been a procedure I"ve used for years now since the OG iPad and it's never failed before.

    Suggestions? Thanks
    04-08-2012 11:58 AM