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    For the past half a year, my team and I have been working on a first person shooter for the iOS.

    It's got some pretty unique controls, using smooth gyroscope controls that makes it easier to move, look around, and shoot at the same time.
    They allow for a wider range of actions, and a more fast paced environment, although they do require a few minutes to get used to.

    There are three steps to the game:

    1. Choose your basic perks, such as increased headshots, armor piercing bullets, increased speed, etc.
    2. Upgrade and purchase more guns. However, you can only hold two at a time, so fix and match to suit your playing style!
    3. Now go kill you some zombies.

    And if you're up for some smooth listening, feel free to hang around the main menu for a bit.
    Here's a link:

    We'd appreciate it if you took a couple minutes to try it out, and gave us some feedback.

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