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    As a heavy user of iPhone camera and native photo albums for quite some time, one will always face a number of problems,

    1. as the number of pictures and videos taken in the phone gets more, it becomes hard to locate the desired ones especially for those taken somewhere in the middle
    2. there is no way in the native photo album to read the timestamp info of the photos. The photos / videos are sorted by time sequence. One can only "guess" the rough timing for a particular photo (if one's memory is good)
    3. iPhone is great to show to your friends some exciting photos / videos taken but sometimes, when you pass your iPhone to your friends, that means your entire album is exposed (they definitely will browse more than what they were intended to watch. iPhone is so easy for them to flip between photos / videos)

    To overcome the above problems, Albumz targets to help users who use iPhone as the main device to take wonderful pictures / videos in daily life, to organize the increasing number of pictures / videos. Features include,

    a. Easy Sorting - Albumz reads the timestamp and media type info of the pictures / videos and make it available for easy sorting. In All / Camera Roll equivalent album, the users can easily locate the desired photos / videos by time ranges (Recent 2 weeks, Recent months, > 6 months etc.) and by media type (video only or photo only)
    b. Tag function - Albumz allows users to tag individual photo / video with face, event, myfavorite, sceneOnly and protected tags. SMART album(s) could then be created by these conditions
    c. Secured / Handover Mode - users can always limit their friends to view a album ONLY by using the Handover Mode of Albumz. Further viewing beyong the album by your friends will require a knowledge of the passcode such that there is no embarrassment to "handover" your iPhone to your friends due to the sensitive contents in the phone

    Albumz could be found in the following Appstore location,
    App Store - Albumz

    Welcome your feedbacks and comments!
    04-06-2012 10:28 AM
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    I tried this and really wanted it to work. Not ready for prime time I fear. Kept crashing and the 'Help' section was blank ... Wth? Since photoalbums plus has a conflict with Bitesms, I've been looking for a replacement. Sadly, this was not the one for me.


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    04-06-2012 11:51 AM

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