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    One hundred years is only a flash in the end less passage of time. The mighty Great Wall, symbolic of the soul of the Chinese nation, embodied Chinaís civilization of 5,000 years.

    Since the inception of photography in the 1860s, The Great Wall came into the field of vision for photographers. Many cameramen such as Morrison (UK), Geil (USA) Xiaofang and Shafei (China) took precious souvenir photos of the Great Wall in the past century. People, like photographer Zhang Baotian, who volunteer their services spent 10 years collecting old photos of the Great Wall, retaking photos at the same original spots, thus vividly recording with the camera the changes of the Great Wall so as to provide historical evidences for the maintenance and protection of the Great Wall.

    The departed photographers who, out of love and homage, trudged to the far away Great Wall for photo taking, and the present volunteers who are engaged in publicity work for protecting the Wall and in retaking the same spot photos, all cooperate to turn out pictures revealing the vicissitudes of the Great Wall.

    The juxtaposition of new and old photos for comparison and the vivid, precise and interesting captions combined to display the ever changing Great Wall, bringing the Great Wall closer to the people with a deep love for the great relic. Letís all get close to the Great Wall and feel the irresistible charms of the age-old Great Wall.

    04-05-2012 09:18 PM