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    [FREE] Sweeper - A Multiplayer Minesweeper!?

    Available on iPhone, iPod and iPad
    App Store - Sweeper

    Find the hidden items.

    Be the first to uncover 26 hidden items to win the game.

    Numbered squares indicated how many items in the surrounding squares.

    You can challenge your friends and Computers at different difficulties.

    ✓ Support Online Multiplayer and Nearby Multiplayer
    ✓ Different Levels of Computer
    ✓ 3 Themes with different Special Abilities
    ✓ Different with the Traditional Minesweeper

    The goal is to find the squares which is occupied by a hidden item.
    The first player who find 26 hidden items will win the game.

    1. Click on a square whene you think a hidden item is.
    If you are correct, the item will appear on the sequare, you will score one mark and able to click another square.
    If you are incorrect, you lose your turn. And a number indicating how many items next to this square will be shown.

    Available on iPhone, iPod and iPad
    App Store - Sweeper
    04-05-2012 09:14 PM