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    Wanna recall your K-12 memories? Team up with Ball Crushers on your mobile device and get back to your school yard or playground to enjoy non-stop Extreme Dodgeball action! Tilt your phone to navigate your teammates and make use of the multi-touch functions to hurl dodgeballs at opponents.

    Play in a plenty of playground settings, choose from a rich arsenal, launch balls at targets and share your victories on Facebook and Twitter!

    The game is available for download at: App Store - Ball Crushers: Extreme Dodgeball
    Youtube video:

    Extreme Features:
    • High-speed action
    • Amusing characters
    • Plenty of challenging playground settings
    • Tons of fun levels
    • Zombie survival mode
    • 40 Strategic items: Choose between offensive and defensive weapons
    • Plenty of rewarding achievements to unlock
    • A wide choice of teams
    • Pick your ball color
    • Swap between active teammates
    • Single-player mode…for now
    • Comfy tilt navigation controls
    • Interactive tutorials and clear instructions
    • Parental control of gory content

    Let off some of that steam with Ball Crushers: Extreme Dodgeball!

    04-05-2012 11:25 AM