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    We wish you this Easter will always bring you such a lot of joyful and pleasant things and be happy with your friends and family. Happy Easter!!

    By: i-App Creation Co., Ltd. team

    To make this day more special for our beloved viewers, we bring a special gift to you for this Easter. Video Lock - Lock Your Moment for iPhone is NOW on sale from $4.99 to $0.99 ONLY for Easter season. This campaign will begin at 6-9 April, 2012.

    Why is Video Lock so important for you on Easter?

    A good memory always moves on so quickly. Even, you want to stop the time and stay longer, its impossible. Video Lock - Lock Your Moment is possible for a good memory. Yes, you cant stop the time, but you can keep that time with you forever by Video Lock - Lock your Unforgettable Moment on Easter.

    Why should you buy Video Lock on Easter?

    Video Lock is a useful and creative application for video recording lovers. We offer you to use Video Lock on Easter with multi-functions, and most of all, you can use it to record your joyful memories with your friends and family, and every good memory will stay with you forever.

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    Hurry! Video Lock - Lock your Moment is waiting for you on AppStore.

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    04-05-2012 04:02 AM