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    Perfectly hide your little secret!
    Experience it NOW !

    Get tired of sending msg one by one?
    Overwhelmed by your messy contact screen?
    Wanna expand your iPhone contact function?

    With powerful “Contact Hide”, you can experience a whole new contact on your iPhone!
    --Grouping your contacts and group sending save your time!
    --Automatic back-up and restore can get rid of nightmare of retyping when accidently delete!
    --What’s more, you can even create fake name to fool “somebody”!
    --Most importantly, Contact Hide can hide both your secret contacts. Awesome!

    Brief Intro of Features

    ★Duplicating iPhone Contacts automatically!
    Contact Hide can automatically copy your iPhone Contacts. You save lots of time by no need to type your contacts into Contact Hide again. All basic functions on iPhone contacts are included. Cool!

    ★Invisible cloak on secret contacts!
    In Contact Hide, you can make your secret contacts as “Secret Contacts”, which is invisible without password. Incredible!

    ★ Bye, hackers!
    Using 256-bit AES encryption technology, Contact Hide encrypts information about Secret Contacts, preventing hackers or annoying someone from invading your privacy. Bye, hackers!

    ★Easy “Group”!
    You can group your contacts, set up a photo list of your favorite contacts, and even send e-mail/SMS to every group member by a single click! Easy!

    ★No more regret with “Backup & Restore”!
    You lost some really important stuff? Here’s Backup & Restore, there’s no more regret when you lost something! Perfect!

    ★Hide yourself with Fake Name
    You’re so popular and want to take a rest? Just use fake name and you’re now someone else! Woohoo!

    ★Colorful mobile life
    There are also functions like “Speed Dial”, “Auto Logout” and more! Enjoy a colorful mobile life! Wonderful!
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