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    Ghost Catcher: Carnival of Horrors, a new game by Alki Labs, offers players hours of strategy and fast-paced gameplay. As a classic tower defense game Ghost Catcher: Carnival of Horrors challenges the player to reclaim a seaside carnival that has been overrun by ghosts, evil clowns, possessed bumper cars and carousel horses.

    Ghost Catcher is a spooky cartoon-style romp with many addictive and thoroughly replayable features:
    • Thirty-three exciting and challenging levels getting progressively harder as you advance through the park.
      Six different areas of the park to explore including the boardwalk, a carousel, a bumper car house, the midway and more.
      More than a dozen powerful ghost catching weapons, including EMP grenades, tesla coils and ghost boxes.
      Eleven insidious ghosts and possessed carnival attractions all with special abilities, provide an ever-increasing challenge.
      Carnival-themed mini-games.
      Endless mode to challenge even the most adept players.
      Three different difficulty settings to accommodate beginners and veterans alike.
      Original soundtrack adding to the spooky atmosphere.

    The wait is over. The critically acclaimed and fan beloved Android game, Ghost Catcher: Carnival of Horrors is now available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store for $.99 at the following URL: App Store - Ghost Catcher: Carnival of Horrors - Defense.
    04-02-2012 11:41 PM