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    Are you having a difficulty in taking photos with a group of your friends including yourself?

    Have you ever been left out of the frames all the time?

    Remote Shutter is not just a normal camera, but Remote Shutter allows you to connect two iPhones, iPods, or even iPads via Bluetooth connection.

    One iPhone will be a camera mode (Canít shoot photos), and the other iPhone will be a live stream preview mode (Can shoot photos).

    ** Bluetooth connection can be 10 meters away! **

    How to use Remote Shutter:
    1. One person holds one iPhone and connects as a camera mode
    2. The other holds the other iPhone and connect as a live stream preview/remote mode (Remote will see what camera sees)
    3. When you are going to take photos, you must place the camera mode in a position that you want to take. And, the other who holds a live stream preview/remote mode takes photos as usual. But, donít forget that you can use Remote Shutter ONLY 10 meters away!
    4. When you take photos, they will be automatically saved into both iPhones!

    Brief other features in Remote Shutter:
    • Customize photos with many filters and colors
    • DSLR Camera design
    • Adjust photo quality (Low, Medium, High)
    • Enable flashlight and torch for night shots
    • Self-timer
    • On/off Auto focus
    • On/off Auto white balance
    04-01-2012 11:48 PM