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    CloudWord Version 2.0 is now available on AppStore

    Version 2.0 is Incredibly better. The app is getting a pro shape of note editor that can fit each one of us in the every day life. At this version first of all it can fit Right - Left Written languages as well (Hebrew, Arabic etc.)
    Next, it emphasize the focus on writing with no interruption ! Thanks to ToBo function we implemented . This feature bring the option to the user to set up the Font features for the Topic and Body of the text and with simple click to apply it while typing . This makes the typing a lot smoother , faster , with no need to mess with editing in the middle of typing! We added a huge complex great tools for drawing ! You can explore now Many new features of this new In-App purchase Draw Mode that let you do a lot more , its combine in the word processor field and its unbelievably simple to use.
    Also , Now you can share your Recording Audios and Cloud files with Friends! Import Files , Export , or back up in DropBox !
    Annotate PDF and export new ones.
    Explore about those features to find out more, Explore our new Version 2.0. Its just the beginning of what we will love to add for you.

    Version 1.0 Was included only basic feature for a word processor app with a unique organizer concept of files and preparing tool as memorizing custom glossary pop up definitions plus recording audio at the same time.

    This app is looking to really create a new way of our life working day , we can assure that they way we used to prepare to classes / tested are obsoleted . The way we used to do presentation is obsoleted , the way business meeting are made is obsoleted , we are working on a new concept a new exciting experience is on the way.

    Get our App for only $0.99 now for the Holidays !

    Available on the AppStore : Here

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