1. softeasedev's Avatar
    Usually, I do search apps on the App Store and then download from there. Well, it's a little annoying to check one by one and the decide which one to pick up... I know some guys would do this but someone wouldn't.
    So, where do you usually go to find apps for your iPhone or iPad? Any great places to hare for getting amazing apps, or even win free ones?


    Yeah, imore is a great one to follow. :-)
    03-30-2012 09:56 PM
  2. iLive an iLife's Avatar
    AppAdvice.com is a great site!! They have "guides" for pretty much any time of app you need!!

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    03-30-2012 11:38 PM
  3. juliechoco's Avatar
    Moms with Apps (check out App Friday for giveaways and discounts)

    Digital Storytime (also has a deal page)

    Crazy Mike's Apps (kids' stuff and more)

    Toucharcade & Pocketgamer for gamer stuff

    happy app hunting!
    04-08-2012 08:49 PM