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    Hello guys! We are the SpringBirds!

    theSpringBirds is a new avatar creator app for the iPhone with a radically new and jolly underlying concept. It all started with a comma, that became a minimal funny bird, the basic design element for creating an immense variety of bird avatars. Choose from a large number of facial and body characteristics, clothes, accessories and backgrounds to turn the basic SpringBird into whatever you want. theSpringBirds just wannabe whatever you wannabe. Share your SpringBirds with others through facebook, twitter or email and make them laugh with your funny creations. theSpringBirds app will become your smile generator and disseminator.

    For more information visit: The Springbirds

    Connecting to the iTunes Store.

    thank you for the support!
    Waiting for your feedback!

    And.....Don't forget! Be part of the flock!
    03-30-2012 03:27 PM

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