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    Anything we know about marriage comes from our own family,TV and air station broadcasting, TV series and films,news from the internet,the description in the books and magazines. The most important thing we need before marriage is a proposal present for the lady except your love,if you want to marry her. In OklaMaze ,Mr. snail loves his girl, so he decides to take a adventure to the snow mountain peak to explore the legendary jewel which is shiniest for his girl. It is tough. Few people return with the award. Everybody, can Mr. Snail success in the adventure and marry his girl?

    He comes to this continent which has been divided into 5 districts: lakes,forests,desert,gobi and snow mountains.
    He is exploring in the forests district. There are 10 customs passes waiting for him. If he wants to spend less time to pass,that is to say he has to get 3 stars, he should takes less steps to fetch the jewel. In the beginning he passes easily. However, it doesn't seem so all the way. He is sometimes a wreck. Although he could be rearmed by props with more steps which is limited as the time goes by. What's worse, some props appearing lovely may be traps. Will he gonna lose? No way! You can help him?
    Here is where he is---
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