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    We are glad to announce that our game Bombing Bird is now available on the App Store.

    Bombing Bird

    In this addicting game, ideal as a time-waster, players take control of an annoying pigeon in the mood for some unpleasant jokes.
    Hanging on a power line, your objective is to splatter every passer-by with your bird ****.

    You will need to hit each passer-by at least once before they leave the stage,
    and if you miss too many targets you will lose the game.
    Hit your targets multiple times to make combos and increase your score.
    Remember to always look out for armed cops with an itchy trigger
    finger...pigeons are not bullet-proof!

    There are also special powers that you can collect and use to cause more distress.
    Some of the currently available special powers include "smart crap", "fartmate",
    "bullet time", and "airstrike".

    Bombing Bird uses OpenFeint to provide Leaderboard and Achievements.

    The game is currently on Spring Sale at $0.99/0.59/0.79 and we are planning to add additional
    contents and the GameCenter in the near future.

    To know more about FoofaStudios and our upcoming projects, visit
    our website Foofa.Net - Online videogames by FoofaStudios or follow us on twitter and facebook.

    - The Team
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