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    Name: Connect All Stars
    Genre: Strategic & Abstract Board Game

    * * * FREE VERSION * * *

    "Connect All Stars" is a simple and very addictive game. The two players, orange and green, alternately connect stars on the board. If the player connects any two stars and makes the new triangle(s) then the player gets the point(s) and new triangles are colored with player’s color. The goal of the game is to collect more star triangles than your opponent. Develop your own strategy and try to win!

    To make a new star connection just touch a star and move your finger towards other star.

    Additional rules:
    * The player may not intersect existing connections
    * If there are any stars or triangles within a new formed triangle then that new triangle is not counted as a point
    * The game ends when it is impossible to make any new star connections

    Features in 1.0:
    * Two play modes:
    -“One player”: “Player” vs “Computer” (iPad/iPhone/iPod)
    -“Two player”: “Player 1” vs “Player 2”

    * Unlimited number of levels!
    * Option to choose the first move (player 1 / player 2 / random)
    * Option to toggle sound on/off
    * Option to choose the preferred player’s color (orange/green)
    * The new star connection is colored in red in case if it intersects other existing connections, otherwise it is in blue
    * If you are near to reach the target star then the target star is encircled
    * New star triangles and connections are twinkled.

    AppStore: App Store - Connect All Stars Free
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    I've added HD FREE version : Connect All Stars HD Free

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