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    Abu and his family,Ber and June are finding a way to home. To do so they’ll need to navigate the treacherous barnyard terrain and work together to pass a levels. Can you use your brain to solve more than 60 different physics-based scenarios and help Abu and his family find the way to home and his village ?
    Indians Family presents a number of charming puzzles for the physics-loving gamer to solve. Each puzzle presents a scene, and your goal is to get Abu and his family from their starting point to an exit on the far right.
    Abu,Ber and June have a different size. Abu is the biggest, June the smallest, and Ber is in between.All of the puzzles rely heavily on physics, so again, you’re going to have to be thinking about the weight of each person before tasking them to do certain things. If you need to climb up high by jumping, Abu would be utterly useless.
    If you need to move the big stone, then Abu would be a best choice. Some puzzles are as simple as “knock this wooden board down so that all family can cross,” while others involve a variety of elements that might leave you scratching your head to think a bit.

    Feature Highlights:
    * Game Center and OpenFeint enabled with 20 tricky achievements
    * Retina display support
    * Very challenging physics-based game requires ingenuity, creativity, and fast reflexes
    * Help Abu and his family get home through 60 puzzles
    * Abu is tall, heavy, and strong; Ber, his wife, is less so; June, his daughter, is least so
    * Use logs as planks, levers, rods and more
    * Not every person in the family will use the same method to bypass the obstacle
    * Players control the movement of each character: left, right, and up

    03-23-2012 01:43 AM