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    bookmaker for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Want to make your own book?
    Want to make a slideshow that you shot and make it tell?
    You have the opportunity to record the story of your life,
    Combine images of paintings, at the touch of a button to turn them into a book or movie and send to distribute.
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    This application is designed to develop the creative side in your child and bring him to the love of language and the book.
    The application helps to develop the joy of writing, developing the child's expressiveness.
    Children in first grade who have not yet acquired the writing, create the story. And those who have learned to overcome the technical difficulties of writing are less interested in perfecting the story and develop its content. Ease and enjoyment that the children become young L"sofrim ". The application helps cognitive development, improving language, literacy helps teach story structure, expression, orally and in writing.
    You can draw your own paintings or drawings forming backgrounds and there, you can add personal photos or shoot instead. Photo Gallery paintings are kept personal and optionally create a story. The story can be read and record.
    The application allows for easy and accessible to paint or take pictures to save them sequentially structured, read and recorded his own story in their voices and create a sequence of images from the film makers.
    The work can be sent at the touch of a button and share on Facebook or YouTube, or send email.
    The application allows quality time parent - child, this is an opportunity to encourage and make my child tell the story, instead of reading the child can write a story together and create a story before sleeping.

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