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    DIRECTV App for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    - Now DIRECTV goes anywhere you go. Watch shows and movies you get at home anywhere, on your iPad.
    - View programs recently watched on the iPad and resume where you left off.
    - Discover the top shows and movies that people are currently watching and talking about with the new social module.
    - Check in to Miso on the shows you are currently watching
    03-21-2012 12:33 PM
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    Disregard. That's lame. Thought it was live tv streaming anywhere. With movie apps like HBOGo, this isn't that big of a deal.

    To be clear, it only streams pay per view shows, and some select premium channel shows and movies..Hbo, Cinemax, Sony, Encore, Starz.

    Live tv channels requires you to be on home wifi network still.
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    03-21-2012 01:25 PM

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