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    Hi guys,
    Arbor Day theme for Carnival Bullseye is upcoming now. I would like to share with you. If you wanna get more details of this item, click this site:SudoGame | Games of ipod,iphone and ipad
    Game description:
    he peace of the small town was broken when a group of evil bandits appeared. They did lots of bad things, and oppressed the locals. However the justice sergeant decided to take actions. He fought against the western bandits, the Indians and the Alien invaders with his precise shot. Besides, the sergeant planned to go to western area and other part of the world to praise virtue and punish vice.
    Game features:
    ☆ Four different areas of a scene
    ☆ Face the attack from new enemy
    ☆ Plenty of props and weapons
    ☆ Many game points
    ☆ Levels in the area
    ☆ Unique boss battle set
    ☆ Growing new mode of the game
    ☆ Exquisite game score

    You also can download it at iTunes:
    03-21-2012 02:56 AM