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    App just launched and is featured as new release in iTunes store for utilities, for iPhone and iPad ...

    The "zen of napping" has arrived ... zsnuz is the first nap app with a double "no touch" snooze feature ... you choose your nap time and automated roll-over snooze times before you nap, and you don't have to touch your iPhone or iPad until the final alarm goes off.

    No "Cirque Du Soleil" moves to find your phone when the snooze alarm goes off ... instead, a semi-mystical gong sounds and fades into the distance whilst your snooze is underway, requiring no manual dexterity on your part to initiate said snooze.

    The "chill" white noise sound stylings are also available on the top screen (along with timer, pause, and snooze features), for sonic delight, with or without a nap.

    Look, you're already sleepy, so why mess around with setting timers ... or asking Siri for back to back no touch snoozes. She doesn't even know what double snooze even means and never naps (go ahead and ask her!), so the humans have still got this napping and sleep thing nailed ... for now. zsnuz is a free featured app in the new section for both iPhone and iPad.

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    03-20-2012 12:23 PM

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