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    *Do you have so much to get done and keep track of that you find things falling between the cracks of your memory?

    My Stuff Organizer ($.99 - App Store link) lets you save thoughts and tasks fast, and easily organize them later.
    *You organize using "Categories", you can create as many of these as you need, and group them however you want to.
    *Navigating your categories is easy, a simple swipe to the right shows you a heirarchical list and lets you jump to any of them.
    *If you need something more than the default Notes app, but don't want to learn a complicated productivity system, check out My Stuff Organizer.

    Features include,

    * Scratchpad, a place to save thoughts and tasks in a hurry.
    * Due Dates and Reminders on any task or note.
    * Important Items list, shows you any item that is due soon, or that you have Starred.
    * Sharing, text or email any of your items
    * Four visual themes included to customize the look of the app
    * Simple and quick to use, the focus is on being able to quickly start saving and organizing, not having to learn a complicated new system.

    More screen shots are available on my website, My Stuff Organizer - SimpleSense Apps.

    Please email me at with any questions or comments/feedback.
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