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    Download PhotoVida:

    A topic a day keeps your life interesting always.

    Vida means ďlifeĒ in Spanish, and yes, thatís what PhotoVida want to do - keep an ongoing record of your life via photos. If you happen to run out of ideas to take photos of or look for an interesting way to improve photography skills, PhotoVida is your best choice, too!

    PhotoVida is the first TOPIC-BASED photo app with gorgeous & inspiring photos to spark your imagination & improve your photography skills!


    Daily new topic - Everyday open up PhotoVida to have one hand-selected topic which is either popular or creative, some even relate to interesting holidays! You can know more about origins of holidays & celebrity stories while reading topics.
    Gorgeous Inspiration Wall - Picasso once said, good artists copy, great artists steal. In PhotoVida Inspiration Wall with stunning photos of the same topic is provided for learning, practicing and sharing, your photos will be listed on Inspiration Wall if they are great enough!
    Immersive photo gallery - Well-designed photo gallery provides smooth & immersive photo viewing experience even with single hand.
    Like & Comment - Give & receive likes and comments to interact with photo buffs around the world.
    Share - Instant sharing photos via Flickr and Facebook.
    Friendly interface - Simple and intuitive interface makes viewing, uploading & sharing photos much easier!
    No more new account creation - Flickr or Facebook accounts are enough.

    Every photo buff should have a photo app this fascinating, Challenging and addictive, PhotoVida will be your new hobby, donít hesitate to jump in and get your feet wet!

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    The Story Behind PhotoVida:

    PhotoVida interface walkthrough:
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