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    I have created an iPhone web app that can be used to track vehicles in real time, Raah. It's free to use.
    Link below:
    Raah - Real Time Vehicle Tracking for the iPhone

    Some features include:
    1.Real Time tracking, 10 second updates
    2.Speed Alerts
    3.Location Alerts
    4.Mobile optimized web site, for tracking on the go
    5.Full History (we don't have a one week or a 10000 point limit)

    The website, when viewed using a desktop browser has a demo which explains how the site works.

    Comment's, feed back, feature requests welcome.
    03-18-2012 03:53 PM
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    We are using a third party service called TestFlight for the Beta Testing.
    It's a service that used by the likes of Adobe, MTV, Discovery Networks & Instagram.

    If you are interested, please visit http://tflig.ht/HKHD8B

    You'll have to create an account with TestFlight and Register your device.
    As part of registering the device, a profile will be installed on your phone and you will be warned that your device settings are being changed. Don't worry, the TestFlight profile is verified and as I mentioned before all the big companies use it and they wouldn't use the service if there were issues.

    Details on the app:

    1.1.Works in the background.
    1.2.Can handle network connectivity failures. We realized that on long trips continuous network connectivity is not guaranteed, so we added offline capabilities to the app.

    2.How it works:
    2.1.The app tries to log a coordinate with the server every 10 seconds.
    2.2.Only coordinates within an accuracy of 25 meters get logged, any coordinate whose accuracy is not within 25 meters is ignored.
    2.3.If network connectivity is lost, the app stores the coordinates on the iPhone and as and when the network becomes available, the coordinates are synchronized.

    3.Battery Consumption:
    3.1.When tracking in the background the app will consume about 14% charge per hour.
    3.2.The app will consume more charge if used in the foreground because the screen remains lit, so we suggest that you use the app in the background.

    4.Data Transfer:
    4.1.About 15hrs of tracking will generate 1MB of data over the network.

    5.Supported Devices:
    5.1.Only iOS 5.0 and above.
    5.2.The app is made only for the iPhone but it has been tested on the iPad and works well on it too.
    5.3.A note on iPads: Only the 3G models have GPS sensors on them, so even though the app will install on the WiFi only model, it will not be able to track.
    04-16-2012 04:37 PM