1. chrishull's Avatar
    I've been looking for an app or setting that would let me temporarily reduce the functionality of my iPad. My son is 20 months old. Although he's getting pretty good at using my iPad, he really can't understand the instruction to stay in a certain app. One of the first things he found was the home button and he loves to push that...

    The app that I'm looking for would create a type of sandbox in which other apps could run. The sandbox app would not allow him to exit whatever app he is in without entering a 4 digit code or have a similar control. (Or, ideally, the sandbox would restrict him to a certain folder of apps.)

    Just reading over what I just wrote, I almost imagine this would have to be a JB app since it disables/repurposes the home button.

    So, has anyone heard of something like this?
    03-17-2012 08:06 AM
  2. irie's Avatar
    I would be interested in something like this as well. My daughter is 2 yr 4 mths and she love using my ipad. she does tend to close her apps and start opening others and I would like to lock her to an app at a time.
    03-17-2012 11:03 PM