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    Hi everyone,

    EDIT: Octo Pop is now available on the AppStore! Check it out

    App Store - Octo Pop

    Review 4/5 on AppCroc: Octo Pop Review | AppCroc

    Octo Pop in 3 words: Fast. Bubbly. Addictive.
    Better than digital bubblewrap popping, Octo Pop is a true ninja-meets-tentacle App.

    You are Octo the ninja octopus embarking on a mad journey to save the ocean from bubble overcrowding.
    Tap the screen to burst these bubbles, pop in color combination for extra points, unlock exciting bonuses to slash your way to the top.

    Save the octopus. Save the world!

    ★ The most action-packed, fast-paced, bubble-popping game in the known universe ★
    ★ Crazy addictive, Octo Pop will have your fingers burning ★
    ★ Gorgeous graphics and bubbly atmosphere ★
    ★ Easy to play, hard to master ★

    ⚆ Travel through 11 challenging levels in a visually stunning environment: dark oceans, moldy swamps, icy rivers, burning deserts...

    ⚆ Unlock 13 destructive ninja techniques including ninja blades, magic rainbows and thunderstorms

    ⚆ Complete over 20 tricky missions and watch Octo turn into a mighty ninja

    ⚆ Perform Combos and Mega Combos to score insane points

    ⚆ Adventure and Arcade modes

    ⚆ Crisp HD graphics

    ⚆ Bouncy soundtrack and hilarious sound effects

    Octo Pop for iPhone & iPod - by Chicos Interactive

    My last 3 promo codes for you guys! Enjoy

    Let me know what you think! and If you like it, try it!
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    Have a look at what appadvice says about Octo Pop!

    The Way Of The Octopus Ninja: Popping Bubbles? -- AppAdvice
    03-17-2012 07:26 AM
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    Hi all,

    Octo pop is now available on the AppStore!

    Check it out

    App Store - Octo Pop

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