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    I am in the process of using my iphone to store all my pics. That way, I have them with me at all times. Just so that whenever I want to show some pic to a friend, family, etc. I have it on me, all the time.

    I have about 30 000 pics, shot along the years, stored on a pc and organized into folders. They are also tagged using a simple custom tag mechanism in a separate file. I can transfer the tags easily into any format.

    Since that makes out about 80 gigs, I wrote a small script that convert them all to 1024 pixels, which is about the resolution of my iPhone. I'll adjust it over time if I ever feel the need. That part is easy. They take about 4Gig at that resolution.

    The only thing missing is an app to display them.

    The built in photo app along with iPhoto could very well cut it but for the fact that you can't organize your pics in sub folders... Unbelievable but true. With 30k pics, there's just no way it's going to be remotely useable.

    I've tried an app called Photo-Sort, but the interface is a bit clunky and the flipping through photos isn't really "smooth" to say the least. It's also not HD. And it's ugly. But it's all I have for now, so I go with it.

    Have any of you had this need? How did you tackle it?

    All that I need is an app that has the following:
    flip through pictures
    handle subfolders
    easy file transfer (either wifi or through iTunes)
    * local storage only, no net access (I want the ability to view pics offline)
    Optional diaporama
    Optional tv out option although I think that's automatic with the iPhone 4S
    Optional tag support that I could transfer through some tags in the jpg file for example. This could be very useful to look for a particular picture (ie "search" for a picture)
    * Optionally universal (I also have an iPad)

    There is about a quadrazillion apps in the AppStore and I *cannot* believe there isn't one that can display my picture library. But the descriptions are so filled with commercial clutter that it becomes hard to get an idea of what the app does.

    I dug up an old thread through search but none of the apps still exists or fit my need:
    03-12-2012 04:05 PM