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    If word crunching has always been your passion, you’re in for a treat! Our best-selling word game for iPhone, WordsWorth, is going free on 11th March. So, what does WordsWorth has to offer you ask? Pretty much everything a word game lover could ask for!

    How to play:
    Link letters to form words on a beautiful honeycomb structure. The longer the word, the higher the points you earn. Simple, right? The game offers several modes of gameplay. You can choose from Classic, Timed and Tumble mode.

    Classic mode: Play at a relaxed pace and make as many words as you can. The game ends when the Timed Tile explodes.

    Timed mode: Play a fast-paced game and race against the ticking clock to move ahead.

    Tumble mode: Play a challenging game with the words tumbling from the top. The game ends when the words reach the top of the screen.

    Now, that was just the Single Player mode. If competition is what you enjoy, you can Play with Friends by either sending them a challenge through Facebook or just by searching for their Username in WordsWorth. Besides this, you can also play with Random Opponents.

    What’s your Vocab Power?

    WordsWorth has an amazing Vocab Power rating system that lets you challenge players whose word-building skills are up your alley using the WordsWorth Clubs. Win games against players with high Vocab Power to gain more points and climb up the charts. While the Practice Club has thousands of members, the elite WordsWorth Club currently has 34 champions who’ve earned the title of ‘WordsWorth’. And Boy, they’re good! I should know… I’ve lost quite a lot of challenges to them!

    Whether you’re a casual word game player or a word game buff, WordsWorth has something for everyone.

    Intrigued? Make sure you download game on March 11th when it goes free. You can also try out the Ad-supported Free version of the game right now!
    03-10-2012 03:51 AM

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