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    Hey! Check this out, Sprinin is available on Apple AppStore.

    Sprinin is challenging game, where player has an ability with a single tap flip ninja vertically in order to stay above elements with his feet. It offers 100 levels, 20 levels per chapter. Each chapter has unique design with different elements and those has different characteristics, for example, some of them fall, others fade, move, etc.
    The game also offers 3 types of power ups:
    * Throwing shurkines in order to destroy objects that stand in ninjas way;
    * Long jump power up allow user to jump for a longer distance then usual;
    * Roll power up allow user to pass between narrow passages, otherwise ninja would get stuck;
    These power ups make game a little bit challenging and variable. The game offers full retina support and game center integration with achievements and leaderboards for each chapter.

    Sorry for the weird links below:
    Here is the link to youtube trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=iE2jGzgOQEM
    Link to iTunes App Store: itunes.apple.com/us/app/sprinin/id505473181

    Additional information can be found at: umarva.com.

    Hope you enjoy this game!

    Artem Umanets
    03-07-2012 04:21 AM