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    TeaTime+ (free)[/SIZE]
    Have you ever feel drowned by messages come from facebook and twitter.
    TeaTime+ is just what you need.
    With TeaTime+ you can group your messages by friends from different accounts.
    You can easily tag and share messages to your friend within a second.

    Free version includes:
    1. support facebook or twitter account, free version support only one account.
    2. group your friends to manage your messages easily.
    3. star and tag message within a second.
    4. Over 40 icons for grouping your friends.
    5. Twitter direct message,mention support.
    6. Twitter reply,retweet support.
    7. Facebook newsfeed, check-in support.
    8. Comment on facebook newsfeed.
    9. Share photos,messages via facebook or twiiter.
    10. Save links via Instapaper, Read It Later, Evernote and more.
    11. Forward message as email.

    For Premium version(in-app), you will have
    1. support one facebook and one twitter account.
    2. You can organize your friends from multiple accounts into one group, check their messages all in once.
    3.Post to multiple accounts at the same time.
    4. No Advertisement.
    check out here:
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