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    Hi everybody, our new game The Mystery of the Crimson Manor is now available on the Appstore , check it out -

    You can find the appstore link here

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    About the Game:

    Discover and solve the surprising secret behind the mysterious crimson manor.
    Explore the old mansion and its surroundings, solving puzzles and discovering its many intriguing secrets, in one of the best adventure games made for iPhone.


    Strange weather events are happening in town lately, some people blame the eccentric Mr. Strange, an old scientist who performs strange experiments in his hill manor.

    He decides to invite you, the best reporter in town, with the idea of making public its latest & wonderful discovery, which he describes it as:

    "Something so wonderful that will change forever the way we see the world & the very fate of humanity"

    You accept the invitation, but on arriving at the mansion, you cannot find anyone, you sense that something strange is happening there, so you decide to investigate...

    Some features:

    +Classic and intuitive point and tap gameplay.
    +Fun, amazing and clever puzzles.
    +Many different environments to discover & explore.
    +An interactive original & unique storyline.
    +Superb level, puzzle and game design.
    +High-resolution graphics optimized for retina display.
    +Multiple languages, AutoSave and much more ...
    +Also expect new game modes & new features in the free updates.

    More Info:

    Home - mediacitygames


    02-28-2012 10:58 AM