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    [official press release]

    SilverWiz is proud to announce the release of the greatest update so far for their personal finance assistant app for iPhone and iPad.
    MoneyWiz 1.3 brings over 50 new features. The most notable of them being:

    * A whole new design for MoneyWiz for iPad - aesthetically subtle, crafted with beauty and minimalism in mind, it's truly a zen design.
    * Entirely new reports section - 4 new interactive reports (totalling in 9 reports), full screen viewing, peek reports, PDF and CSV exporting
    * A special calculator keyboard for MoneyWiz for iPhone - just swipe the normal numerical keyboard, and the calculator one will appear
    * Translations in Simplified Chinese, Russian, Italian, Portuguese and Polish

    "People have long been afraid of the complexity of personal finance software…", said Iliya Yordanov, founder of SilverWiz, "…I believe we'll change that today! We went far beyond imagination during the redesign of MoneyWiz. We've made it so simple that there are screens with just a single button and an arrow pointing to it, explaining what that button does. It's that simple! What's really amazing though is that we've managed to add more functionality while simplifying the experience of using it.".

    * Entirely new design for MoneyWiz for iPad.
    * Entirely re-designed Scheduled section. The scheduled transactions (bills) no longer appear as normal transactions. They now appear as events.
    * The calendar and the list of events are now one whole, which means that when you scroll up, the calendar hides itself, giving more space to see the list of events.
    * Significantly decreased font sizes, that allow more information to be displayed at once, in the list of transactions.
    * All the buttons to create transactions were replaced by 1 button, to make the interface simpler to understand and use.
    * Calculators were moved from the top bar to the sidebar in MoneyWiz for iPad. Find them next to the Settings button. This allows access from anywhere in the app. It also allowed us to simplify the top bar by removing this button.
    * Editing an account or a budget in MoneyWiz for iPad is now moved to Settings -> Accounts & Budgets. This gives unified approach to how you manage your accounts and budgets, and allowed us to simplify the top bar even more, by removing that button as well.

    * Reports peek in MoneyWiz for iPad - Once you go to the Reports section, you'll immediately see few pre-generated reports, for your convenience.
    * 4 new reports: Net Worth, Statistics, Forecast, Trends
    * Full screen reports that show even more information about the graphic
    * Entirely new design for graphics in reports
    * In Account Balance report, you can now select multiple accounts
    * Expense Categories & Income Categories are now merged into one report - Categories
    * You can now tap on the report graphic to get additional data
    * Ability to see the transactions that make up a report
    * Saving a report as a Dynamic report (i.e. non-static) - dynamic reports are these, that will re-calculate their data every time you open them.
    * Ability to sort the transactions from a report
    * The reports and the list of transactions are now one whole, which means that when you scroll them, the chart goes up, giving more space to see the transactions
    * Export to PDF
    * Export to CSV
    * New way of visualising periods of a report
    * Ability to edit a report, after you generated it. This allows you to quickly change the report's settings.

    * Real accounts reconciliation feature
    * Calculator keyboard for MoneyWiz for iPhone. Whenever you're entering the amount of a transaction, you can just swipe left to reveal the calculator keyboard.
    * Ability to see the running balance (the account's balance after each transaction)
    * Ability to expand/collapse the list of categories, while creating a transaction. You can also search in the list.
    * New option for the balance field in Scheduled -> Overdue. You can now see how much money is overdue because of scheduled bills.
    * Ability to see your Daily Allowance for each budget.
    * Ability to configure the balance fields in budgets. Just tap on it, and you will be presented with the options - Used Amount, Remaining Amount, Days Left, Daily Allowance
    * Ability to set both date & time for a transaction.
    * Ability to change your Sync Everything! password, via Settings -> Sync Everything!
    * The QIF/OFX import will now recognize sub-categories during import, and will handle them appropriately.
    * New translations added - Chinese, Russian, Italian, Portuguese and Polish
    * Performance & stability improvements

    This update is the result of more than four months of work and SilverWiz is proud to announce that it’s finally available in the App Store, all over the world. This is a free update for existing customers.

    SilverWiz is also excited to announce that MoneyWiz for Mac will be released on the Mac AppStore this spring. It will allow automatic synchronisation with it's iPhone and iPad companions via SilverWiz's free cloud service - Sync Everything!.

    MoneyWiz for iPad
    MoneyWiz for iPhone
    SilverWiz Website
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