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    Hi, everyone!

    <Destiny Defense : Angel or Devil> has released on App Store, now!!
    Finally, the most POWERFUL and BRUTAL war begins!!!

    Destiny Defense : Angel or Devil is the addictive ACTION-STRATEGY DEFENSE GAME with a variety of attack systems and 2 unique storylines.
    By choosing each side, Angel or Devil, you will be able to feel double thrill and fun as you go through different game plays.

    - Two unique storylines to choose
    - 90 stages across three fantastic worlds
    - Control a flying commander with joystick
    - Sword, spear, archer, priest, knights…and Heroes! A wide range of units
    - Upgrade your units, commander and castle for victory!
    - Feel the “Essence of Defense” with strategic upgrade and polished attack system.

    And, we prepared a release event for you.
    Challenge to total $150 iTunes Gift Card, guys!

    [Event] AppStore Release Event
    1. Event Period
    - event closes on Mar.5
    - announce winners on Mar.7

    2. How to Enter
    - Download <Destiny Defense : Angel or Devil>
    - Leave your review and rating on app store
    - Visit our Facebook and leave the following info
    : Your app store nick name and country setting

    3. Prize
    - $50 iTunes Gift Card (1 person)
    - $10 iTunes Gift Card (10 people)

    You can come to our FB by searching 'mobicrew' on Facebook.

    Thank you~!
    02-21-2012 04:48 AM