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    Hey guys, just wanted to share an app that I found which is worth sharing to the community. Its call MusicID. I've been looking for an app that could identify a song that I was playing on my iphone and show the lyrics to it. Well this app does that and much more. It always identifies songs just like shazam and is really good at it. Everything if clean and simple to use. Also it shows you the biography of the artist in which you are currently playing. I would rate this a 8/10 because it has all the features of shazam plus the feature of showing the lyrics of what your playing and all the info on that particular song. But the one thing I didn't like was that it costs .99, so if your not trying to spend any money, than this probably isn't the app for you but for a dollar and all the features you get from it, especially if you love finding out the lyrics of your songs and finding out songs you don't know but like, this app is well worth the money. Thanks for reading. More reviews to come.
    02-20-2012 10:55 AM