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Please check out the latest game I have been working on. It's called Proton Boy.

    What's it about?

Proton Boy is a 3D action shooter for the iPhone and iPad. You have been tasked to defend the system from alien invasion. You are the last defense, mainly because everyone is dead but let's not get into that right now. (Those poor, poor bastards) Anyway, you will be flying around hostile alien territory, taking out defense installations, enemy ships and even capital ships! You are outmanned and outgunned! Life isn't fair, is it?

How do I fly around and attack?

    Technically, it's anti-gravity technology, but the controls use the iPhone/iPad accelerometer to maneuver and you've got a throttle level to control your speed. Tap the screen to shoot your anti-particle weapon. 

Yes, you heard me. I said anti-particle. Everyone knows what happens when an anti-proton and a proton collide, right?
    How many levels does it have?

    Currently, there are seven worlds with five levels and one boss per world to defeat. So basically, there are 42 levels if you include boss fights. I am not done yet so I might change a few things to improve gameplay and flow.
    Are there power ups? All I care about is blowing stuff up.
    Ah yes, I know that primal urge to make stuff explode all too well. Currently, you gain a power up every other level and with the "blood money" you get from blowing stuff up, you can buy different character models. Eventually, I might include in-app purchases to help fund my game dev addiction but I am not sure yet.

    When is it coming out?
    Soon. I am aiming for a Winter 2012 release but in life, sometimes bad things happen so no promises. (I have a fear of committment, I know). I am a lone developer so following me on twitter will let me know that people are interested in this project.
    I'm not planning on getting rich off this. I am looking to pay for the software licenses that I paid for with my credit card. If I can make that much, I will be a happy camper. I plan on making it a paid app but the price is still undecided.
    If you like what you see, please help spread the word by telling someone that might be interested in this type of game. Heaven knows I am a crappy salesman and horrible at marketing.
    Thanks for watching!

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