1. katrina2475's Avatar
    I'm in the search of a finance app that will track my bank transactions, allow me to make a budget and have a bill reminder in it as well. Ideally, it would be a universal app for iPhone and iPad and sync between the two. Right now I'm considering Silverwiz but it is unclear if it actually reminds you of bill due dates. I see that it has a calendar but I really need a reminder to smack me in the face. I appreciate any help you guys can offer.
    02-17-2012 08:42 AM
  2. silverwiz's Avatar
    Hi Katrina,

    I can confirm that SilverWiz does remind you for bills. It reminds via push notifications (you get an alert on your iPhone/iPad), and a red badge on the icon showing how many bills are due.

    P.S. SilverWiz just got a major update, that also changed the name to MoneyWiz (at least the iPhone version...the iPad version update is still waiting for Apple's approval).

    02-17-2012 09:12 PM